Scabbard in 1992-2000

The band SCABBARD was formed in April 1992 in Spytihnev near Zlín, Czechia, after the split of the bands INVAR and BASTARD. At that time, the band consisted of Aleš Varmuža (bass guitar and vocals), Jiří Soukup (drums), Pavel Zlámal (guitar) and Libor Vaškových (guitar). Genre-wise, the band fitted into the death/thrash metal genre, which is also evident on the band's debut demo called "Soudný den“ (Judgement Day). The band has begun to appear on the pages of many underground fanzines. The first live performances followed, and SCABBARD slowly started to rank among the better-known Czech metal bands.

In 1993, the second, seven-track demo “Nonsense War” was born. In 1994, the demo “Better to Die” followed. Both demos were met with positive response from fans, zines, and magazines both in the Czech Republic and abroad. The reviews were great, and some tracks were also included in various compilations: • "Poltergeist" (06:27) on the compilation "Deathvastation – Volume One" (1995) • "Tao" (00:36) and "Beginning of Extinction" (06:54) on the compilation "Creations from A Morbid Society" (1996) • "The Good in Mankind Has Died” (05:14) on the compilation "Attack of Fire '96" (1996) • "Nonsense War" on the compilation "Morbid Reality Vol 1." (1997) • "The Good in Mankind Has Died” (05:14) on the compilation "Kablys #5" (1998)

In 1995, Petr Vavřík joined the band, providing keyboards in addition to vocals. In 1996, the first full-length album "Beginning of Extinction" was recorded at the studio Exponent in Hlohovec, Slovakia, and released on the label Deathvastation Productions. Later, the tape released on the Lithuanian label Soundless Productions followed. The band also collaborated with the label Morbid Records, which is responsible for the promotion and distribution of the album worldwide. SCABBARD started touring in various European countries, such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovakia. In addition to many solo concerts, they were also touring with VADER, DESTRUCTION, and KRABATHOR

In 1998, the band lost their rehearsal room and almost all their equipment in a major flood. During the restoration of the equipment and the rehearsal room, the singer Petr left the band. Alex, who also played bass and keyboards at concerts, became the new singer.

In 1999, the band recorded their second full-length album "Extended Mirror". The album was released on the label Sheer Records and the vocals were provided by Bruno Kovařík from Krabathor (now Hypnos). The keyboards were recorded by Dan Slezák.

During their existence, SCABBARD played dozens of concerts not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. They have toured several times with Krabathor, Vader, Darkside, as well as with Destruction and Debustrol. They have supported for example Therion, Cannibal Corpse, and Sinister, as well as many local bands, such as Tortharry, Pandemia, Bethrayer, Barricade, Like Fool, Locomotive, and many others. Of course, they also participated in several festivals.

However, towards the year 2000, guitarist Pavel's health problems began to worsen, and he soon died of cancer. The band cut back on concert activity and soon broke up.

The resurrection of Scabbard

The resurrection of the band took place in 2017. Of the original members, only Alex and Dan remained, this time with Dan playing the drums instead of the keyboards. None of the remaining original members wanted to continue anymore.

SCABBARD started playing with a three-piece line-up - two original members Aleš Varmuža (bass guitar, vocals) and Daniel Slezák (drums) were joined by Tomáš Král from Fakultura (guitar, vocals).

In the autumn of 2019, the band returned to the studio for the first time after the revival to record the track "Zabil svou duši" (He murdered his soul). The track is recorded in the legendary studio Shaark in Bzenec, Czechia. Soon, the band's first ever music video is released, too.

In January 2020, the band went back the studio Shaark. In the spring, they released their third full-length album called "V říši zla" (In the Realm of Evil) on the Slovak label Slovak Metal Army. In response, several reviews and articles in various magazines and online zines (such as "Pařát", "Spark", "Slovak Metal Army newspaper", and many others) were published.

SCABBARD also performed at many club events and festivals, for example at the 2019 Masters of Rock in Vizovice, Czechia.

The re-releases of SCABBARD's two albums and demos "Nonsense War" + "Better to Die" were released in the spring of 2020 on the Chinese label Awakening Records. Many reviews and positive reception followed once again.

In September 2020, Alan Vičánek, who is also a member of the band Dirty Talking, joined the band to play the drums. With him, the band toured the Czech Republic. Unfortunately, the whole tour was significantly limited, and the concerts were often postponed due to the pandemic situation in the country.

At the end of March 2022, Scabbard recorded their fourth album "Human Puppets" in the Davos Vyškov Studio (Czechia), which was released on May 20, 2022 on "Pařát Magazine & Productions".

Aleš Varmuža – Bass, vocals
Tomáš Král – Guitar, vocals
Alan Vičánek – drums
2022 Lidské Loutky - CD
Label: Pařát Rock Metal Magazine – PM105
Format: CD, Album
Country: Czech Republic
Released: 2022
Genre: Rock
Style: Thrash, Death Metal
1 Intro 1:20
2 Každý někde má svůj hrob 4:20
3 Muž s brašnou 4:20
4 Greendealita 5:00
5 Jsem se posral 4:05
6 Lidské loutky 4:54
7 Toreádor Bohuš 3:35
8 Moravská zem 3:54
9 Danajský dar 6:50
2020 Scabbard V říši zla - CD
Label: Slovak Metal Army – SMA036
Format: CD, Album
Country: Slovakia
Released: Sep 2020
Genre: Rock
Style: Thrash, Death Metal
1 Intro 1:31
2 Novodobá Šlechta 2:59
3 Zabil Svou Duši 3:05
4 Válka Je Kurva 3:30
5 Depka 3:44
6 Soudný Den 3:52
7 John Wayn Gacy 3:14
8 Antikrist 4:47
9 Cesta 3:48
10 Jmeném Kříže 4:55
Extended Mirror
1999/2020 Extended Mirror - CD
Sheer Records – SRCD 011
Awakening Records (5) – AWA 020 CD
Format: CD, Album / Limited Edition, Reissue
Country: Czech Republic / China
Released: Jun 1999 / Jun 6, 2020
Genre: Rock
Style: Thrash, Death Metal
1 Intro 1:03
2 Extended Mirror 4:38
3 It Means Nothing 4:33
4 Human Waste 5:07
5 The Fate (Instrumental) 1:41
6 Darkest Prison 4:19
7 To Forget 5:50
8 Live Fucked Up 5:08
9 Never More 5:01
Beginning Of Extinction
1996/2020 Beginning Of Extinction - CD
Deathvastation Productions DVT 004
Awakening Records (5) AWA 019 CD
Format: CD, Album / Limited Edition, Reissue
Country: Czech Republic / China
Released: Jun 1996 / Jun 6, 2020
Genre: Rock
Style: Thrash, Death Metal
1 Last Performance 5:34
2 The Hall Of Souls 6:09
3 TAO 0:36
4 Better To Die 5:06
5 Message Of Truth 5:07
6 Poltergeist 6:04
7 Beginning Of Extinction 6:55
8 Materialized Insanity 0:54
9 The Soul 0:54
10 The Good Mankind Has Died 5:12
11 Tveret (Instrumental) 4:32